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Happy, Joyous, and Free

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Prayers, Affirmations, and Words of Wisdom

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Welcome to a page of favorite quotes, affirmations, and excerpts from authors whose writings have touched my soul and made a difference in my life.

My Soul Garden

Here in Australia, many people are very garden proud. They think nothing of spending great amounts of time and money on their gardens just so that their neighbors and complete strangers compliment them on the beauty of their gardens. My former neighbor gave up her day time job as a nurse so that she could devote all her time to her garden. Her front garden was magnificent, but nothing compared to her back garden.

She invited us for tea once and very casually asked us if we wanted to see her back garden. We stepped out the back and nearly swooned. There in front of us was an emerald green lawn. In a corner was a pond with a fountain and a dozen colorful koi. There was a trellis covered with some sort of creeper which bore trumpet like orange flowers. A whole range of different colored fragrant roses was in another corner. The whole garden was so beautiful that we stared in amazement for a minute or two. Our neighbor of course was thoroughly satisfied.

I thought about this for a while and decided that I will cultivate a soul garden that will surpass the beauty of my neighbor's physical garden. In my mind's eye I pictured a majestic oak tree called bravery in the center of the garden. My green lawn was called peace. Fragrant and colorful flowers were named happiness and cheer, and the water fountain was called hope. In order to achieve this I had to control the pests called anger, greed, and lust and water and fertilise it with meditation and prayer.

So how am I doing with my soul garden? Still working hard at it!

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